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Daur Kove congratulated Sergey Lavrov on the Day of the Diplomatic Official

Daur Kove congratulated Sergey Lavrov on the Day of the Diplomatic Official
10 February 2018 181
Daur Kove congratulated Sergey Lavrov on the Day of the Diplomatic Official

It is said:

" The Russian diplomacy was renowned for the highest level of professionalism of its employees, their devotion to the Fatherland and the people from time immemorial. The Russian diplomacy which educated many outstanding personalities whose names are included into the cohort of the greatest statesmen is an example of fair, honest and highly intellectual approach to the implementation of foreign policy activities. Today, the staff of the Russian diplomatic service play a key role in raising authority, promoting national interests and providing reliable protection to the Russian citizens in the international arena.

The result of the high skill of the Russian diplomats is the development of a constructive dialogue, the strengthening of the bilateral Abkhaz-Russian interstate relations and the search for the common approaches for solution of the important problems on the agenda. A distinctive feature of the Russian diplomacy has always been an equitable and respectful approach in relations with its partners which without doubt may be called as the most important aspect in the development of the bilateral relations.

The people of Abkhazia highly appreciate the support provided by the Russian Federation. It is also difficult to overestimate your personal contribution to the strengthening of the strategic partnership for the sake of peace and stability not only in Abkhazia but in the South Caucasus as a whole."

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