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Daur Kove congratulated Sergey Lavrov on the Day of National Unity

Daur Kove congratulated Sergey Lavrov on the Day of National Unity
4 November 2017 106
Daur Kove, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia congratulated Sergey Lavrov, the Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation on the Day of National Unity.

It is said:

"Dear Sergey Viktorovich,

I present my compliments to you and send sincere congratulations on the occasion of the Day of National Unity!

This holiday rooted in the depth of centuries and recalls one of the most striking and heroic pages of the Russian history. It symbolizes the deep historical traditions of the unity of the multinational Russian people for achieving common goals for power and prosperity of the great country, its rich history and unique culture. Striving for peace and freedom, solidarity and responsibility for the fate of the Fatherland have been and remain the fundamental foundations of the Russian society. And today all citizens of Russia regardless of age and social status, nationality and religion, political views and convictions - all who love and are proud of their Motherland unite the desire to make Russia strong, great and prosperous Power. "

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