Daur Kove held a press conference following the results of 2017

Daur Kove held a press conference following the results of 2017
26 December 2017 613
The press conference of Daur Kove, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia on December 26, 2017.

Daur Kove introduced to journalists the work of the foreign policy department in 2017 highlighting the most important events of the past year related to the activities of the Abkhaz Foreign Ministry.

The issues of the Abkhaz-Russian relationship were voiced during the conference. The most important issues for development and further deepening are contacts between the first persons of the two union states. Daur Kove reminded the visit of Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation to Abkhazia in August 2017 within the framework of which took place the meeting with Raul Khadzhimba, the President of the Republic of Abkhazia. He also pointed out the visit of Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister to the Republic of Abkhazia in April 2017 timed to the opening of a new complex of buildings of the Russian Embassy in Abkhazia.

Speaking on the Geneva discussions Daur Kove stressed that the main task of the Abkhaz side is still to persuade the Georgian authorities to sign a legally binding agreement on the non-resumption of hostilities. In addition, the Geneva format also brings practical results. It is possible to work on the restoration of archival materials destroyed during the war with Georgia, work on environmental issues, in particular pest infestations as well as a number of other humanitarian issues related to access to education and health care, related to freedom of movement, recognition of documents of the life cycle and many other issues that are relevant to our society as part of the work of the Geneva discussions.

The Head of the country's Foreign Policy Department spoke on the interaction in the sphere of foreign policy during the press conference. He noted that active work was continued to deepen bilateral relations with states that recognized the sovereignty of the Republic of Abkhazia as well as to establish new foreign contacts in 2017. It should be noted that the frequency of visits by the Heads of friendly states to the Republic of Abkhazia 2017 should be recognized as quite successful. For this year, our country was visited by the President of Russia, South Ossetia, Pridnestrovie, the Republic of Nauru.

In 2017 official visits of the delegation of the Republic of Abkhazia to the Republic of Nicaragua, Venezuela, the Syrian Arab Republic, Israel, Italy, France, the Republic of South Ossetia as well as to Nagorno-Karabakh were also held.

The outgoing year was also marked by the expansion of the activity of the Council of Young Diplomats under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia. The bilateral consultations between the CYD to the Foreign Ministry of Abkhazia and the Council of Young Diplomats to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia took place in September of this year. It discussed in detail the coordinating mechanisms of the activities of the CYD and outlined the ways for further cooperation. "This communication platform of so high hopes was held and continues to develop actively. CYD works in close contact with colleagues from the Russian Foreign Ministry. " said Daur Kove.

One of the most important activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the information component which includes not only the high-quality coverage of the Foreign Ministry's activities inside the country but also the creation of conditions for an unbiased objective perception of our country in the world according to the Minister`s words. In 2017, the updated official side of the Abkhaz Foreign Ministry was launched with a more convenient interface accessible to the widest audience.

"The work is also underway to create a permanent international platform in our country that could attract the attention of media representatives, the expert community and not only the countries of the Caucasus region. We believe that such an international forum would allow the qualitative expansion of the information presence of the Republic of Abkhazia in foreign media space. " - he stressed.

Daur Kove also added that social networks are also actively used MFA pages which exist in the most popular social networks and the number of subscribers is increasing every year.

During the press conference Daur Kove answered on all the questions of journalists.

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