Daur Kove took part in the conference "Information Policy in the Modern World"

Daur Kove took part in the conference "Information Policy in the Modern World"
18 December 2018 386
Daur Kove, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia delivered a report at the conference "Information Policy in the Modern World" organized by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Abkhazia on November 18,2018. On behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia, Irakli Tuzhba, Deputy Foreign Minister and Timur Shanava, the Advisor to the Minister also took part in the event.

Daur Kove noted the relevance of the conference theme: “Today, no one doubts that information policy in modern international relations is becoming not only one of the leading components in shaping people's ideas on those or other topical issues on the international agenda but an increasingly important tool in the conduct of state foreign policy. The success of the state in the international arena, its positive image in foreign media and the attractiveness of the country in world public opinion depend on how effectively the information policy is implemented, the Minister stressed.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia also spoke on the work being done by the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Abkhazia in the direction of the information policy:

“One of the activities of our state is to create an attractive image of the Republic of Abkhazia abroad. It should be noted that our work includes, in addition to high-quality coverage of the activities of the Foreign Ministry in the country, the creation of conditions for an unbiased, objective perception of the Republic of Abkhazia in the world. There is still much to do in this area of work.

In this regard, I would like to especially note the steps taken by us this year to create a kind of information platforms that promote the interests of the Republic of Abkhazia in the world. The presentation of the informal youth movement “PROAbkhazia” took place in August of this year, during the international conference dedicated to the 10-th anniversary of the recognition of the independence of the Republic of Abkhazia by the Russian Federation. The most important goal of this movement is, first of all, the dissemination of objective information on the Republic of Abkhazia. Let me remind you that the initiator of the creation of this movement was the Council of Young Diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia, which, together with Russian colleagues, also plays a significant role in the information policy of the Abkhaz state. It is necessary to note the role of the inter-parliamentary movement “League of Friends of Abkhazia”, the first working meeting of which took place at the end of November this year. Among the main tasks of this movement is the promotion of the expansion of international relations of the Republic of Abkhazia, the establishment of new foreign contacts and the reporting to the international audience of objective information about our state,” the Minister noted.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia also stressed the importance of timely and adequate response to the outreach attacks from Georgia, its Western friends and partners. “Unfortunately, the intensity of propaganda rhetoric from this direction is not reduced. In addition to various absurd we observe the constant replication of various materials on Abkhazia, in which biased or one-sided coverage of various issues is given. The Georgian side, taking advantage of speaks at various international platforms in order to form a knowingly negative image of Abkhazia, spreads myths on the “occupation of Georgian territories”, allegedly massive human rights violations in Abkhazia, etc. In addition to using our information resources, we actively use our opportunities within the framework of the Geneva International Discussions. ”

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