The Lecture on Abkhazia was read in Berlin

The Lecture on Abkhazia was read in Berlin
13 April 2018 269
A lecture "The country of the soul of Abkhazia and its curative nature" was on 10
April in Berlin at the invitation of the club "Russian word" referring to the
Rossotrudnichestvo representation in Berlin. The Lecture was read by Khibla
Amichba, the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of
the Republic of Abkhazia in Germany, Ph.D. in Philology.

The lecture was held thanks to the organizers, in particular Nelli Zhikhareva, the
head of the club who showed the great interest and love for our homeland. A film
on Abkhazia was shown and told on the unique and amazing nature of our country.
Strong interest was expressed relating the long-known facts about the flora and
fauna of Abkhazia as well as the recent discoveries including the deepest cave in
the world.

A brief introductory excursion acquainted with the centuries-old history, ethnology
and culture of Abkhazia, spoke about the phenomenon of longevity and its study.
Based on the opinion of gerontologists it was stressed that longevity along with the
biological and social factors is also the psychological aspect - first of all, respect
for old age which in Abkhazia and the Caucasus are deeply rooted.

After the lecture and presentation, listeners - representatives of different
nationalities living in Berlin - asked questions about different areas of life in
Abkhazia. They concerned the present day of the republic, its citizens, the
economy and etc. The inhabitants of Berlin were particularly interested in the
possibility of visiting Abkhazia and therefore detailed consular information was
given. Once again having convinced that the interest to our republic among the
inhabitants of Germany is great we will continue the traditional lecture series on
Abkhazia on different areas of the life of the republic.

We are pleased that such events in Germany, in particular in Berlin, is becoming a good tradition.

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