Commentary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia

Commentary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia
5 March 2020 1329

S. Zurabishvili, the Georgian President did not ignore the “occupied territories” which she called the “main challenge” for Georgia during her speech in parliament with an annual report.

The President of Georgia stated that the government has already taken an important peaceful steps in connection with the occupied territories, “we must prepare for the implementation of a more thorough policy in addition to these steps,” S. Zurabishvili said.

In this regard, we consider it necessary to note that the Republic of Abkhazia is not familiar with the "important peaceful steps" that the Georgian government allegedly took in relation to the Republic of Abkhazia. If these steps mean so-called “Step towards a better future” this program can hardly be considered as a significant initiative to restore the confidence and normalize relations.

As for the Russian Federation, which S. Zurabishvili considers an obstacle to a settlement, it should be noted that it is Russia that acts as an ally and strategic partner of Abkhazia, the guarantor of the republic’s security. In this context, Moscow plays an exclusively stabilizing role, creating the necessary conditions for dialogue and preventing the growth of tension in the region.

The position of the Republic of Abkhazia is that the only reasonable and adequate step for establishing an interstate dialogue between Abkhazia and Georgia may be the signing of a legally binding document on guarantees of the non-use of military force. The form of the document and the format of the meeting, within the framework of which such an act can be signed, of course, should be the subject of the discussion by interested parties.

Taking into account the foregoing, we call on the President of Georgia to publicly express a reasoned position regarding the proposal of the Republic of Abkhazia to sign the above document.

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