Commentary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia

Commentary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia
26 March 2019 395
In the information space there has never been a lack of tendentious publications devoted to Abkhazia. The existing reality is fed into them exclusively in dark colors and extremely subjective. Often the source of such publications are Georgian or sympathetic information resources. But often they appear on neutral Internet resources.
One of these articles, published at the end of last week, draws a gloomy picture of what is happening in Abkhazia, "states" the state of the "collapse of the public administration system", asserts statements on the "collapsed reputation" of Abkhazia in Russia.
Leaving on the conscience of the author separate, particularly tendentious assessments of what is happening in the country, it should be noted that the image of the Republic of Abkhazia in Russia that is being formed today is clearly not in line with the grim picture that the author presents to his readers.
For an open-minded observer, it seems obvious that allied relations between Abkhazia and Russia demonstrate positive dynamics and have significant potential for long-term mutually beneficial development. The efforts undertaken in recent years to build up the Abkhaz-Russian relations are yielding results. The Treaty of Alliance and Strategic Partnership of November 24, 2014 is consistently implemented. Important agreements are made on the most relevant and socially significant areas such as education, health care, medical insurance. The meetings of the Presidents of Abkhazia and Russia are held regularly, during which the most important issues on the bilateral agenda are discussed and plans for the future are outlined. Joint projects are being implemented to increase the information presence of our country in the world. A great deal of work aimed at popularizing of Abkhazia, both in Russia and in other countries, is being carried out by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Abkhazia. The attractiveness of the Republic of Abkhazia as a popular tourist center is also growing.
Raul Khadzhimba, the President attaches particular importance to the Abkhaz-Russian interstate relations as one of the priority directions of the foreign policy of the Republic of Abkhazia. Based on the understanding of the importance of this direction, the Head of State is making efforts with a view to a wider representation of Abkhazia, both in Russia and in foreign countries.
Realizing its functional duties, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in turn, conducts comprehensive work to expand the information presence of the Republic of Abkhazia in the world, create an attractive image of the country and refute the propaganda labels attached to Abkhazia.

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