The Commentary of the MFA of the Republic of Abkhazia

The Commentary of the MFA of the Republic of Abkhazia
14 August 2017 883
The troops of the State Council of Georgia under the pretext of protecting the railway invaded the territory of the Republic of Abkhazia on August 14, 1992. Today, 25 years later we recall the outstanding feat of the people of Abkhazia who stood up for the defense of their Motherland from the Georgian aggression.

This tragic day in the history of the Abkhazian people at the same time became the starting point for the powerful emotional and spiritual rise, which united the entire multinational people of Abkhazia in the face of the common enemy. The memory of these bloody events will continue for the long time in the perception of future generations as an act of perfidious aggression of Georgia aimed at the total extermination of the Abkhazian nation.

Over the past quarter century the Republic of Abkhazia demonstrated its resistance vitality and unwavering commitment to building an independent, stable and developing safe state.

Unfortunately, throughout all the post-war years our republic has been confronted with Georgia's unceasing attempts to restore forever lost territories. The maniacal desire of the Georgian leadership to preserve the non-existent state within the borders of the Georgian SSR is devoid of common sense and is doomed to complete failure.

Attempts to preserve the mythical territorial integrity of Georgia which is unconditionally supported by its Western partners not only cannot bring Abkhazia back to the fold of Georgia, but create serious obstacles to the settlement of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict and create an escalation of tension in the region.

The policy of permanent political, economic, military and humanitarian pressure carried out by the Georgian authorities on our republic leads to even greater antagonism and mutual rejection of the sides.

We are deeply convinced that the only reasonable solution for overcoming the long-standing Georgian-Abkhaz conflict could be the rethinking by Georgia of its own criminal acts against our republic and the subsequent establishment of civilized, legal, intergovernmental relations based on generally accepted norms and principles of international law.

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