Commentary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia

Commentary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia
21 January 2019 590
The Foreign Ministry of Abkhazia drew attention to the statement by D. Zalkaliani, the Georgian Foreign Minister in which he calls on Russia and the “occupation regimes” to open checkpoints on the river Ingur. “Closing checkpoints” poses a serious threat to such a fundamental right as the free movement of people according to Zalkaliani. The head of the Georgian foreign ministry did not spread the reason for the temporary closure of the state border.

It appeared that the Georgian Foreign Minister is not aware of what is happening in his country, in particular, with the unfavorable epidemiological situation. Let us remember that 17 people died recently due to the complications from the influenza of the virus (H1N1 - the so-called "swine flu") according to the Ministry of Health of Georgia. Currently, the number of people with influenza in Georgia is about 250 per 100,000. In this regard, there is an obvious need to take appropriate measures to protect Abkhaz citizens from the possible spread of a dangerous virus on the territory of the Republic of Abkhazia. It was this circumstance that caused the decision by the State Security Service of Abkhazia on the temporary restriction on crossing the state border with Georgia.

However, the Georgian Foreign Ministry prefers to turn a blind eye to these obvious facts and continues to speculate on the favorite topic of “violations of the rights of the residents of Abkhazia to freely cross the border”. The Georgian leadership continues the course of full-scale international isolation of the Republic of Abkhazia, takes all possible measures to create obstacles to the international movement of citizens of Abkhazia, trying to regularly disrupt of the humanitarian actions of our citizens abroad by conducting the propaganda exercises regarding the violations of the rights of the residents of Abkhazia.
It is high time for the Georgian leadership to realize the destructiveness and futility of the double standards of the policy towards the Republic of Abkhazia and to begin a real review of discredited approaches.

Such a step would testify to Tbilisi’s awareness of the prevailing political realities, would serve to understand that in modern conditions the course towards isolation does not have any effect, except for growing mistrust and even greater alienation.

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