Commentary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia

Commentary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia
25 April 2019 195

Georgian officials made a number of statements in connection with the trainings of the united group of troops (forces) of Russia and Abkhazia taking place in the Republic of Abkhazia. From the published statements it follows that Tbilisi is concerned about the “growing militarization” of Abkhazia, and considers the holding of the trainings as “a violation of international law” and regards them as a “demonstration of force”.

We consider it necessary to note that the Abkhaz-Russian military exercises are not directed against any state and are purely defensive in nature.

It should also be recalled that relations between Abkhazia and Russia are built on the basis of bilateral agreements that do not affect the rights and interests of other states and do not violate international law. The legal base of the two countries covers all major aspects of interstate cooperation. Military-technical cooperation is one of the most important areas of allied Abkhaz-Russian relations.

The military component in the relations of Abkhazia and Russia is of particular importance in the context of increasing interaction between Georgia and NATO. In the Republic of Abkhazia, the course being pursued by Washington and Brussels to encourage Georgia’s military ambitions is a matter of serious concern. Obvious elements of militarism in Tbilisi’s policy, manifested in regular large-scale military exercises, the creation of training centers and the modernization of military infrastructure according to NATO standards, only undermine the parties ’efforts to achieve a lasting peace in Transcaucasia and complicate the constructive dialogue within the Geneva discussions.

The Republic of Abkhazia, on the basis of the priority of ensuring national security, intends to develop military-technical cooperation with the Russian Federation and to adequately respond to any potential challenges.

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