A video conference was held with the Republic of Nicaragua in the MFA of Abkhazia

A video conference was held with the Republic of Nicaragua in the MFA of Abkhazia
19 October 2021 624

On October 19, another video conference with the Republic of Nicaragua was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia, which was attended by representatives of the Ministries of Culture and Education and Sports from both sides.

The agenda included a discussion of the current interaction between the ministries, as well as the development of an action plan for 2022.

Head of the Foreign Ministry of Abkhazia stressed that the interaction between the Republic of Abkhazia and the Republic of Nicaragua is traditionally held at a good pace, noting that in the near future all proposals for cooperation will be formed, and the draft action plan for 2022 will be sent to the Nicaraguan side for approval.

The Nicaraguan side expressed its willingness and intention to move forward on all the points of cooperation, and, in turn, submitted for approval a list of cultural and sporting events, as well as projects in the field of education, in which in the near future there may be active cooperation between the two countries.

Representatives of the Ministries of Education, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Abkhazia spoke in favour of closer cooperation in the 2022 action plan, noting that cooperation in relevant areas will help to build new ways of interaction between the republics.

The parties expressed the need to establish a full-fledged Embassy of the Republic of Abkhazia in the Republic of Nicaragua as soon as possible for a more effective cooperation in all directions.

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