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Consular Service

Contact information:
Adress: 384900 Sakharova street 33, Sukhum
+7 940 996 39 48 (mob.)
+7 840 226 39 48 (work.)
E-mail: visa@mfaapsny.org

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov completes his working visit to the Republic of Abkhazia
Abkhazian Foreign Ministry sent a note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on the occasion of the Day of the Declaration of Independence


Department of Russian Federation, Republic of South Ossetia, CIS Countries, PMR and Georgia

Head of Department: Irakli Tuzhba

Contact information:

Tel: +7 (840)226-57-92

E-mail: region@mfaapsny.org

Information Department

Head of Department: Tengiz Tarba

Contact information:

Tel: +7 (840)226-57-92

E-mail: info@mfaapsny.org

Department of Turkey and Middle East

Head of Department: Inar Gitsba

Contact information:

Tel: +7 (840) 226-78-53

Email: trme@mfaapsny.org

Department of Latin America, Asia, Africa and APR

Head of Department: Madina Zukhba

Contact information:

Tel: +7 (840) 226-78-53


Department of Europe, USA and Canada

Head of Department: Arthur Gaguliya

Contact information:

Tel: +7 (840)226-26-14

E-mail: euscan@mfaapsny.org

Legal Department

Head of Department: Sabina Lakoba

Contact information:

Tel: +7 (840)226-58-69

E-mail: int.lawdep@mfaapsny.org

State Protocol Department

Head of Department: Irina Turava

Contact information:

Tel: +7 (840)226-34-45

E-mail: mfaabkprotocol@gmail.com

Consular Service

Head of Department: Martin Tarkil

Contact information:

Tel: +7 (840)226-39-48


Translation and Interpreting Department

Head of Department: Samantha Aiba

Contact information:

Tel: +7 (840)226-64-65

E-mail: translation@mfaapsny.org

Political Department

Head of Department: Chegiya Adgur

Contact information:

Tel: -

E-mail: politdep@mfaapsny.org


Head of Chancellery: Larisa Mertskhulava

Contact information:

Tel: +7 (840)226-70-69

E-mail: office@mfaapsny.org

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MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS REPUBLIC OF ABKHAZIA E-mail: info@mfaapsny.org; Tel: +7 (840) 226-70-69; Adress:. Sakharova, 33