Abkhazia ready for cooperation with Africa

Abkhazia ready for cooperation with Africa
5 June 2018 3101
04.06.2018 - Sukhum / On May 29, the Syrian Arab Republic announced the recognition of the Republic of Abkhazia and bilateral establishment of diplomatic relations. Syria became the seventh United Nations member-state, that recognized Abkhazia’s sovereignty.

Abkhazian Ministry of Foreign Affairs assured that the Republic is establishing contacts with all states ready for dialogue based on principles of equality, emphasizing on the importance of mutually beneficial relations with Middle East and Africa: "We are ready for practical cooperation in spheres of economy, culture, etc. with all states. When it comes to Middle-eastern and African states, Abkhazia, with its natural resources for the development of the agrarian and tourism sectors, has a lot to suggest ..”

Commenting on countries with which political dialogue is being established, the Ministry official commented that those are "… primarily states that assess the existing realities higher than the desire to please Georgian government with its benefactors. Countries with realistic approach towards Abkhazia also play great role in disarming Georgian politicians and their allies, who disseminate not conforming with existing realities information from high tribunes and use all means possible to isolate the Republic of Abkhazia and its population from international communication and involvement in global processes.” .

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