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6 Октября 2017 2 The Guardian
The capital of Abkhazia, a disputed territory claimed by Georgia, has endured much hardship since war broke out 25 years ago. But while their international isolation persists, locals are hopeful of a brighter future
29 Августа 2017 238 Novosti NK
Президент Арцаха (Нагорно-Карабахской Республики) Бако Саакян принял министра иностранных дел Республики Абхазия Даура Кове.
28 Августа 2017 256 Asbarez
The Foreign Minister of Abkhazia, Daur Kove, arrived in Artsakh Monday and met with government officials.
21 Августа 2017 264 BBC
It's a state that most of the world says doesn't exist. But remote Abkhazia, on the far north-east shore of the Black Sea, has had the trappings of independence for a generation, since it broke away from Georgia in a short but brutal war.

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