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22 December 2017 3
Most of the streets of Sukhumi, capital of the Georgian-claimed secessionist region of Abkhazia, are named after Soviet-era luminaries and notable figures from the conflict that gave the territory de facto independence. But stroll for long enough around the picturesque Black Sea city and an unusual road sign comes into view: Scotland Street.
22 December 2017 3
Sukhumi, Abkhazia - Omar Shakouj remembers the day his family arrived in Abkhazia, a Georgian-claimed breakaway territory on the Black Sea, as they fled the war in Syria.
22 December 2017 32 eurasianet.org
Abkhazians will commemorate Victory Day on September 30, marking the day in 1993 that the last remaining Georgian troops fled across the Enguri River, and Abkhazia began its life as a quasi-independent state.
29 August 2017 679 Novosti NK
Президент Арцаха (Нагорно-Карабахской Республики) Бако Саакян принял министра иностранных дел Республики Абхазия Даура Кове.
28 August 2017 717 Asbarez
The Foreign Minister of Abkhazia, Daur Kove, arrived in Artsakh Monday and met with government officials.
21 August 2017 813 BBC
It's a state that most of the world says doesn't exist. But remote Abkhazia, on the far north-east shore of the Black Sea, has had the trappings of independence for a generation, since it broke away from Georgia in a short but brutal war.

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