4 October 2021 756 Statements and speeches
On October 4-th of this year, the international military exercises Eternity-2021 began in Georgia, with the participation of military personnel from Azerbaijan and Turkey. According to the available information, during the exercise, the military personnel of the three countries will carry out tasks to organize protection of regional economic projects. The exercise will last until October 8.
5 August 2021 923 Statements and speeches
The group of UN Security Council member states, including the United States, Britain, France, Ireland, Norway and Estonia, issued a statement demanding that Russia withdraw its troops from Abkhazia and reconsider its decision to recognize the republic's independence on August 4 this year.
29 July 2021 1513 Statements and speeches
NATO's annual military exercise Agile Spirit 2021 began in Georgia on July 26, 2021. More than 2,500 troops from Azerbaijan, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom are taking part in the exercise. More than 1,500 of them are Georgian service members, another 700 are American service members. According to the Georgian Ministry of Defense, the aim of Agile Spirit 2021 is "to practice interoperability of combat units of the armies of NATO member states and its partners; improve operational capabilities during planning and execution of combat operations in a multinational environment and develop cooperation in the field of security".
20 July 2021 1030 Statements and speeches
On July 19, 2021, Volodimir Zelenskiy, the President of Ukraine held a working visit to Georgia during which he visited the Abkhazian-Georgian state border. According to the Ukrainian media, Zelensky "familiarized himself with the security situation on the border with the temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia" and expressed concern that "Russia is building up its military presence in Abkhazia, violating human rights. Additionally, Zelenskiy stressed that Ukraine and Georgia are united in their intentions to return the temporarily occupied territories on the platforms of leading international and regional organizations.
25 June 2021 634 Statements and speeches
The fourth meeting of the Commission of the Republic of Abkhazia and the Delegation of the Russian Federation on the delimitation of the state border and demarcation of the sea spaces between the Republic of Abkhazia and the Russian Federation took place in Moscow on June 23-25, 2021.
3 June 2021 1221 Statements and speeches
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia was perplexed by the statements of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of the Republic of Turkey regarding "the peaceful settlement of disputes between Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Georgia within the framework of the territorial integrity of Georgia» made during the visit of Irakli Garibashvili, the Prime Minister of Georgia to Turkey.
8 April 2021 856 Statements and speeches
Attention was drawn to the reaction in Tbilisi to the incident that took place on April 7 this year on the Inguri River, because of which four residents of the Gali and Tkuarchali districts of the Republic of Abkhazia were died.
10 March 2021 515 Statements and speeches
We have paid attention to the comments and estimations, which appeared in various Russian mass media concerning detention of the citizen A.R. Avidzba by law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Abkhazia.
26 January 2021 913 Statements and speeches
M. Kalyurand, head of the European Parliament delegation for relations with the South Caucasus, issued a statement calling on the Russian Federation to "fulfill its international obligations and withdraw its recognition of Abkhazia's independence. MEP's statement was made in connection with and in support of the recent decision of the European Court of Human Rights on the so called "Georgia vs. Russia" case related to the armed conflict in South Ossetia in August 2008.
18 January 2021 539 Statements and speeches
Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, speaking at the Paris School of Foreign Affairs conference, said that for him to question the right of a sovereign state to decide its own future is "almost a provocation."

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