Public holidays

I. Holiday Weekend Days:

January 1-2 - New Year

January 7- Christmas

January 14- Azhyrnuha (Day of Creation the World)

March 8- International Women's Day

May 9 - Victory Day

September 30 - Victory Day and Independence Day of the Republic of Abkhazia

November 26 - Constitution Day of the Republic of Abkhazia

II. Kurbannyhua

Kurbannyhua (Kurban Bayram) is a holiday non-working day, a specific date is announced every year

III. Memorable Working Days:

May 23- Day of the Holy Apostle Simon Kanonit

May 21 - Memory Day of the Victims of the Caucasian War and the Forcible Exile of the Mountain Peoples of the Caucasus

August 14- Memory Day of Defenders of Fatherland

December 14 - Remembrance Day of Children Who Dead in the Patriotic War in Abkhazia (1992-1993).

IV. Holiday Working Days:

October 11- Armed Forces Day of the Republic of Abkhazia

July 23 - Day of the Flag of the Republic.


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