The Abkhazian Foreign Ministry comments on NATO's Agile Spirit 2021 exercise in Georgia

The Abkhazian Foreign Ministry comments on NATO's Agile Spirit 2021 exercise in Georgia
29 July 2021 1510

NATO's annual military exercise Agile Spirit 2021 began in Georgia on July 26, 2021. More than 2,500 troops from Azerbaijan, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom are taking part in the exercise. More than 1,500 of them are Georgian service members, another 700 are American service members. According to the Georgian Ministry of Defense, the aim of Agile Spirit 2021 is "to practice interoperability of combat units of the armies of NATO member states and its partners; improve operational capabilities during planning and execution of combat operations in a multinational environment and develop cooperation in the field of security".

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia expresses serious concern at the continuing military activities of Georgia and its Western partners. The actions of the North Atlantic Alliance observed in recent years in the South Caucasus and the Black Sea region, which are accompanied by the military build-up of Georgia, have no military necessity and are clearly go beyond common sense.

The Georgian authorities should be aware that their preoccupation with "practicing of the compatibility of the armies of NATO member countries" and "performing of combat operations" contributes to the degree of tension in the region and undermines the efforts to ensure regional security.

In this connection, we should not forget the experience of 2008, when the Georgian leadership led by M. Saakashvili, also carried away by the hope to become a member of the Western military alliance, unleashed a military action against South Ossetia. The outcome of this adventure is well known to Tbilisi.

While demonstrating its loyalty to the United States and NATO, the Georgian side is pursuing an extremely destructive course and is unwilling to make any commitment not to use force against the Republic of Abkhazia, thereby effectively leaving itself an opportunity for revenge.

The issue of joint military exercises between Georgia and NATO is in the spotlight of the Abkhaz side's concerns. The Republic of Abkhazia reserves the right to respond appropriately to possible hostile actions or provocations by Georgia and its Western partners.



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