Comment of the MFA of the Republic of Abkhazia

Comment of the MFA of the Republic of Abkhazia
14 March 2017 748
On March 12, the Georgian Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning the past elections to the Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Another usual statement of the Foreign Ministry of Georgia contains well-known propaganda cliches about "legitimizing ethnic cleansing", "illegality of elections", "occupation of the territory of Georgia", etc.

Regardless of numerous propaganda rhetoric exercises practiced by the Georgian Foreign Ministry, this in no way will affect and cannot influence the political processes in the sovereign Republic of Abkhazia.

It is quite obvious to any unprejudiced observer that the Republic of Abkhazia is a formed sovereign state, with all the necessary institutions of statehood, living according to its own laws, developing relations with those states that represent a priority interest for Sukhum. If Georgia does not want to notice this, then this is a problem solely for the leaders of Georgia. One can continue living in a fictional world, but it will unlikely contribute to an adequate perception of the political processes taking place in the world.

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