Daur Kove held a meeting with Patrick Poppel

Daur Kove held a meeting with Patrick Poppel
11 November 2019 1482

The meeting between Daur Kove, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Patrick Poppel, the Head of the Abkhaz-Austrian Society was held at the Foreign Ministry of Abkhazia on November 11,2019.

Patrick Poppel spoke in detail to the Head of the country's Foreign Ministry on the work plans of the Abkhaz-Austrian Society which main goal is the assistance in the development of relations in the field of cultural and humanitarian cooperation between the Republic of Abkhazia and the Republic of Austria. Poppel noted that Society also aims to work on the popularization of the Republic of Abkhazia among the population of Austria as well as to provide the opportunities for people from Europe to come to Abkhazia as tourists.

In turn, Daur Kove noted the importance of creation of this organization and emphasized that the main task of the Society is to provide the world community with the objective information on Abkhazia in the field of history, culture of Abkhazia, education, tourism and other areas.


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