Press conference following the results of the working visit to Venezuela

Press conference following the results of the working visit to Venezuela
17 March 2017 1064
On March 17, a press conference was held at the Abkhazian Foreign Ministry on the results of a working visit of the delegation of the Republic of Abkhazia to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The Abkhaz delegation headed by the Foreign Minister Daur Kove included the trade representative of Abkhazia in Russia Oleg Bartsyts, the rector of the Abkhaz State University Aleko Gvaramia, the staff of the Abkhaz Foreign Ministry - Tengiz Tarba and Madina Zukhba.

Opening the press conference, Daur Kove said that the visit was held at the invitation of the Venezuelan Government and was held from 4 to 9 March. Within the framework of the visit, the delegation of Abkhazia took part in commemorative events dedicated to the fourth anniversary of the death of Hugo Chavez.

During the visit, meetings were held with the heads of several ministries and departments of Venezuela. "Meeting with the Minister of Foreign Trade and Investments of Venezuela Jesús Faria, with the Minister of Telecommunications Ernesto Villegas, as well as with the Minister of Culture Adán Chávez. A meeting with the leadership of the administration of the Bolivarian University was also held separately," said Daur Kove.

Abkhazian Foreign Minister Daur Kove also held a meeting with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delci Rodríguez Gómez, which resulted in highlighting a significant potential for the development of bilateral cooperation between the foreign ministers of Abkhazia and Venezuela.

The sides reached an agreement that the Venezuelan delegation, possibly in the near future, will visit the Republic of Abkhazia.

At the meeting with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Venezuela, Vladimir Zayemsky, which also was held during the working visit, was discussed a wide range of bilateral relations between Abkhazia and Venezuela.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs emphasized that one of the most important results of the trip was an agreement on the possibility of creating working groups that will work out working mechanisms for further developing the interaction between the two countries.

The trade representative of Abkhazia in Russia, Oleg Bartsyts, said that the result of the trip to Venezuela could be the implementation of several economic projects.

Concluding the press conference, the head of Abkhazia's Foreign Ministry stressed that the visit of the delegation of Abkhazia to Venezuela can be assessed as very useful and productive. "We have confidence that interaction between our countries will be expanded, and those agreements that were signed give grounds to believe that the work will continue to be more active," said Daur Kove.

Within the framework of the working visit, an intergovernmental agreement on culture and an agreement between the Abkhaz State TV and Radio Company and the Latin American TV Company TeLesur were signed.


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