Comment by the Abkhazian Foreign Ministry

Comment by the Abkhazian Foreign Ministry
22 February 2017 738
We noticed the statement of the Georgian President G. Margvelashvili, which states that the Georgian law enforcement agencies have stopped the import of radioactive materials from the territory of Abkhazia.

It should be emphasized that the entire complex of cross-border issues, including security, is discussed in the framework of established in 2009 at the International Geneva Discussions regularly working Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM). Interrupted in 2012 IPRM meetings were resumed in 2016. However, during all that time during IPRM meetings, the Georgian side never voiced such "facts".

They are absent in the reports of international organizations as well. In particular, during inspections conducted by IAEA inspectors, there was no evidence of any radioactive materials in the territory of Abkhazia.

Given the above, the Abkhaz Foreign Ministry considers this statement as frankly false and aimed solely at creating a negative image of Abkhazia and discrediting its government. For the leaders of Georgia has long been the norm to make so irresponsible, provocative statements, damaging primarily themselves.

The Abkhaz side intends to discuss the fact of such defamatory thrust of senior leadership of Georgia at the forthcoming meeting in early March with the Co-Chairs of the Geneva discussions, and give it a proper assessment.


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