About the meeting with the co-chairs of the Geneva discussions

About the meeting with the co-chairs of the Geneva discussions
9 March 2018 1730
On March 9, 2018 within the preparation for the forthcoming 43rd round of the Geneva Discussions on Security and Stability in the Caucasus, Daur Kove, the Foreign Minister met with the Co-chairs of the Geneva Discussions.

In the delegation of the Co-Chairmen, Toivo Klaar, the EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus, Mehmet Bilman, the Director of the Europe Division in the Department of Political Affairs of the United Nations, as well as Bjorn Kuhne, the political adviser of the EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus.

From the Abkhaz side, the staff of the Abkhaz Foreign Ministry - participants in the upcoming round of Geneva Discussions Lasha Avidzba, Arthur Gagulia, Irakli Tuzhba, Anna Gamisonia, as well as Vladimir Arlan, the Abkhazian Deputy Head of Abkhazia took part in the meeting.

Opening the meeting, Daur Kove greeted Mehmet Levent Bilman, the new co-chairman of the Geneva Discussions.

"I hope that in the upcoming round we will have the opportunity to adopt a joint oral statement on the non-use of force, to which I think we are very close, I think that with your active participation we will make progress in this direction," said Daur Kove .

In turn, Bilman also expressed the hope that the next round of the Geneva talks will make progress.

Then the parties discussed the agenda for the upcoming 43rd round in details, in particular, the draft joint declaration of commitment to the non-use of force, which would serve as an important step towards signing of a legally binding agreement on the non-use of force between Georgia and Abkhazia and Georgia and South Ossetia as the main the objectives of the Geneva discussions.

On the work of the second group, a number of issues of regional environmental security were discussed.

The next 43rd round of the Geneva discussions on security and stability in Transcaucasia is scheduled for March 26-29, 2018.

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