16 November 2020 198 Statements and speeches
The last meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna became one of the most politicized events of this authoritative international organization. Some OSCE representatives continued to hang labels on the Republic of Abkhazia and create a false image of the work of the Geneva International Discussions and the positions of their participants considering the "situation in Georgia" and the "occupied regions". The representative of Great Britain also "distinguished himself", who repeated the traditional accusations against Abkhazia and extremely distortedly presented the problems of the Geneva discussions during the meeting.
13 November 2020 173 Statements and speeches
Some aspects of the work of the Geneva International Discussions on Security and Stability in Transcaucasia were touched upon during the speech of James Gilmore, the US Ambassador to the OSCE at the meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna on November 12 this year.
13 November 2020 136 Statements and speeches
We drew attention to the information that appeared in the media on the meeting of F. Guliyev, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Georgia with R. Abashidze, the “head of the government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia”.
27 October 2020 172 Statements and speeches
S. Zurabishvili, the Georgian President again acted as the defender of the Abkhaz language, which is “under the threat of extinction”. Mrs. Zurabishvili is trying to assure the public that this problem is the most difficult and responsible for her. “I am responsible for protecting of the Abkhaz language as the president of Georgia and the guarantor of its constitution. Especially at a time when the Abkhaz language is included in the list of endangered languages by UNESCO,” Zurabishvili said.
6 October 2020 441
On October 6, Damascus hosted the grand opening of the Embassy of the Republic of Abkhazia in the Syrian Arab Republic. The event was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of the Syrian Arab Republic Walid al Muallem, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates of the Syrian Arab Republic Ayman Susan, Ambassadors of the Russian Federation, Venezuela accredited to the Syrian Arab Republic and Cuba.
29 September 2020 191 Statements and speeches
On September 29 in Brussels, NATO Secretary General J. Stoltenberg, during a press conference with Georgian Prime Minister G. Gakharia, made a number of statements, in which, in particular, he called for accelerating preparations for Georgia's admission to NATO. Stoltenberg did not forget to mention the continued support of the North Atlantic Alliance for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia, and also called on Russia to withdraw recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
11 September 2020 246 Statements and speeches
We noticed the appeals that appeared in the context of the events in Belarus by a number of well-known political and public figures of Russia for unification with the Russian Federation of Belarus, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Pridnestrovie, as well as the DPR and LPR.
7 September 2020 304 Statements and speeches
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia expresses serious concern about the holding of another large-scale military exercise of the NATO countries "Noble Partner 2020" in Georgia. The military exercise in the Georgia-NATO format will involve several thousand military personnel using heavy military equipment, aircraft and ships of the US Navy.  
7 August 2020 309 Statements and speeches
The European Union Delegation to Georgia issued a joint statement "on the 12-th anniversary of the conflict between Russia and Georgia", which expresses the EU's commitment to the peaceful resolution of conflicts and strong support for Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity.
3 August 2020 303 Statements and speeches
We drew attention to the material of I. Tekushev published on the website of «Radio Svoboda» which touches upon the interests of the Abkhaz-Russian relations.

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