Comments of the MFA of Abkhazia

Comments of the MFA of Abkhazia
6 September 2019 703
The Foreign Ministry of Abkhazia drew attention to the statement of K. Tsikhelashvili, the Minister of Reconciliation and Civil Equality of Georgia, which she made while speaking in the Georgian parliament on September 5, this year. According to K. Tsikhelashvili, the number of people moving to Georgia from the "occupied territories" is increasing from year to year. “It is impossible to restrain people with barbed fences without progress and a better future that we are creating today for the population on both one and the other line of occupation,” Ketevan Tsikhelashvili said.
In this statement, Ms. Tsikhelashvili once again showed the desire so characteristic of the Georgian political elite to wishful thinking, completely ignoring the real state of affairs.
Obviously, the statement of K. Tsikhelashvili about the allegedly increased number of people moving to Georgia for a better future was mainly intended to receive approval of their professional activities from the parliament, which should approve the updated composition of the Georgian government. In this context, the actions of the minister may be understood. But it should be remembered that when disseminating false information about the situation in the "occupied territories", K. Tsikhelashvili deliberately misleads not only the domestic, but also the international audience.
Sensational "facts" arising from the submission of senior Georgian officials are subsequently reflected in politicized reports and resolutions, voiced by international mediators, which further aggravates the general atmosphere of the negotiations in the framework of the Geneva discussions and only delays the possibility of achieving an acceptable result for the parties.
In this regard, we urge Tbilisi to refrain from duplicating frankly false information regarding the Republic of Abkhazia, which complicates an adequate perception of existing realities.

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