On the meeting of Daur Kove with Hussein Arnous

On the meeting of Daur Kove with Hussein Arnous
12 November 2020 1621

Daur Kove, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Abkhazia met with Hussein Arnous, the Prime Minister of the Syrian Arab Republic. The meeting was held at the Cabinet of Ministers of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Hussein Arnous greeted the guests from Abkhazia and expressed gratitude for their support and readiness to develop the relations with the Syrian Arab Republic.

Daur Kove, in turn, thanked the leadership of Syria for inviting of the Abkhaz delegation to an international conference taking place these days in Damascus. “I believe that in the face of external challenges, friendly countries need to support each other in everything,” said Daur Kove.

The minister also informed Mr. Arnous that the Abkhazian part of the "Joint Abkhaz-Syrian Committee for Economic, Trade, Scientific, Technical and Cultural Cooperation" has been formed and is ready to hold the first meeting within the framework of the bilateral cooperation.

Mr. Arnous assured the Minister that the Syrian part of the Joint Committee will be formed in the near future, which will be reported to the Embassy of Abkhazia in Syria.

The parties also discussed a number of the specific issues related to the prospects for the development of trade and economic cooperation between the two countries.

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