Appeal of the Political Council of the PP "Apsny" to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia

Appeal of the Political Council of the PP "Apsny" to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia
17 November 2017 914
The Political Council of the Political Party «Apsny» addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the request to inform the participants of the Geneva Discussions on the position of the members of the Party concerning the intentions of the Scotland authorities to dismantle the memorial of the defenders of Abkhazia established in the city of Kilmarnock.

The Political Council PP «Apsny» appraises the possible dismantle of the memorial as «the fact of the persecution of the memory of war» who defended the independence of Abkhazia in a bloody war with the troops of the State Council of Georgia. "

The recent actions of the Georgian authorities once again prove that Tbilisi considers Abkhazia as simply a territory and the fate of the people of our country is of little concern to them. Over the past 100 years, the Republic of Abkhazia has twice been subjected to aggression by Georgia. The so called "Valorous" generals Mazniashvili and Karkarashvili directly declared their desire to exterminate completely the Abkhaz people. We remember how they tried to prohibit the Abkhaz language and how national schools were closed. The millstone of the Georgian repressive machine was reworked in the 30s of the last century by hundreds of talented representatives of the Abkhaz intelligentsia. There are fresh facts of the destruction of Georgian monuments of cultural and scientific monuments in memory. These barbarities occurred only 25 years ago. But the Georgian authorities did not stop there. They continue to persecute our scientists, cultural figures, sportsmen and children's groups that go on tours abroad. Such a misanthropic policy today touched the memory of the deceased defenders of the Motherland. It cannot be called nothing short of a blasphemy, "the appeal says.

In this connection the representatives of the Political Council called on the countries involved in the Geneva negotiating process to stop Georgian politicians.

"Cynicism and ignoring political realities may not but cause our concern. The civilized world must call Tbilisi to account for all the acts committed and committed against our multinational people, "the Political Party of the Political Party" Apsny "stated.

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