Commentary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia

Commentary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia
7 August 2020 413

The European Union Delegation to Georgia issued a joint statement "on the 12-th anniversary of the conflict between Russia and Georgia", which expresses the EU's commitment to the peaceful resolution of conflicts and strong support for Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The tendentious formulation immediately draws attention to itself, in which the extremely one-sided position of Tbilisi and its Western partners is reflected in a concentrated form. Georgia and the leading Western countries point blankly ignore either the Republic of Abkhazia or South Ossetia. For them, there is only a "conflict between Russia and Georgia." It is characteristic that the statement is completely silent on who planned and carried out the aggression in August 2008.

In this regard, the statement on the EU's commitment on stabilizing and resolving of the conflict in Georgia, including its participation as a co-chair of the Geneva discussions, sounds extremely unconvincing. " It seems that with such a politicized one-sided approach, which is followed in Tbilisi and the European Union, it is unlikely that it will be possible to make significant progress towards normalizing of the relations.

A certain "tension" allegedly observed in the recent months by the EU representatives is also puzzling. In this regard, I would like to ask a question: do the EU representatives observe the regular large-scale military exercises in Georgia with the participation of the United States and NATO countries, and how can they characterize these actions, which are by no means aimed at peace?

Likewise, the “facts” of violations of the rights of “the population affected by the conflict” noted in the statement are artificially inflated. Blindly guided by the official position of Georgia, its European partners seem ready to continue to find such "facts" where they do not exist. I would like to understand if the EU will ever give up the double standards and will pay attention to the repeated cases of restricting the rights of citizens of Abkhazia and to the information blockade of Abkhazia being carried out by Tbilisi?

We call upon the representatives of the European Union in Georgia, when preparing of the public statements, to take into account objective facts reflecting the real state of affairs in the region and to focus less on biased assessments of their Tbilisi colleagues.

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