Daur Kove took part in the international conference in Israel

Daur Kove took part in the international conference in Israel
9 November 2017 2649
Daur Kove, the Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia participated in the international round table "Status of the unrecognized states and their relations with Israel" which took place in Tel Aviv University on 8 November, 2017.

The following persons participated in the round table: Yossi Shain, the Head of the Department of Political Science, the State Administration and International Relations of Tel Aviv University, Dr. Elie Nacht, Advocate, the Representative of the International Human Rights Committee in Israel, Hay Eitan Cohen Janarochak, the Representative of the Moshe Dian Center in TAU, Dahlia Sheindlin, the Researcher of the Institute for Regional Foreign Policy Mitvim, Yoni Eshpar, the representative of the Office of the Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process as well as other experts and scholars.

Daur Kove made a speech at the round table as a speaker. At the beginning of his report the Abkhazian Foreign Minister turned to the historical ties of the Abkhaz and Jewish peoples mentioning the formation of the Jewish community and the formation of the synagogue in Abkhazia.

He dwelled in detail on the legal aspects of the state independence of the Republic of Abkhazia noting that the people of Abkhazia exercised their right to self-determination in the form of an independent state and since 1993 Abkhazia has confidently embarked on the path of the revival of an independent democratic state.

The report also mentioned the problems that the republic faces in carrying out its foreign policy activities:

"Most foreign medias use information about our country from Georgian sources which for certain reasons cannot be neutral. It is very important for us to make objective information about Abkhazia available. It is important for us to convey the truth about Abkhazia to the broader international community. However, the possibilities of our country are limited. "

At the end of his speech the foreign minister of Abkhazia answered the questions of the participants who showed interest to the situation in the republic.

During his trip to Israel the Abkhazian Foreign Minister held a number of working meetings including with Alon Davidi, the Mayor of the city and with Alexander Shane, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Israel. In addition, Daur Kove took part in two state radio broadcasts: "Reshet Bet" and "Raka".

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