Videoconference with co-chairs of the Geneva discussions

Videoconference with co-chairs of the Geneva discussions
13 May 2020 304

On May 13, Daur Kove, Foreign Minister held a regular video conference with the co-chairs of the Geneva international discussions on security and stability in the Caucasus.

During the videoconference, a number of topical issues were discussed, in particular, issues of combating with the spread of coronavirus in the Republic of Abkhazia, security and stability in the region, humanitarian issues and other pressing problems.

The head of the Abkhaz foreign ministry told the co-chairs of the Geneva discussions about the current situation with the spread of coronavirus in the republic and about measures taken in Abkhazia to combat COVID-19. Once again, he expressed gratitude to all international structures for the help and assistance provided, which are of a regular nature.

Daur Kove again appealed to the co-chairs with a request to help with the acquisition of a computer tomograph for the Gudauta Central District Hospital, which is a reserve hospital for patients with coronavirus infection. He also expressed the hope that all efforts and coordination of actions will yield results.
The co-chairs of the Geneva discussions, in turn, emphasized the importance of maintaining a high level of communication to solve emerging problems, and also assured us of their efforts to support the republic in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

During the discussion of security issues by all participants in the meeting, the situation at the border was assessed as stable and calm. Within the framework of the past videoconference, an exchange of views took place on the necessity and importance of resuming of the work of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) as an effective tool in the work of the Geneva discussions.

In the process of considering humanitarian issues, the parties once again emphasized the importance of continuing to work on the agenda of the Geneva discussions and the need to start discussing of environmental and many other pressing issues today in order to avoid new complications in the future.

The videoconference participants agreed to hold the next meeting in a similar format in early July, noting the need for such events, since it is not possible today to determine the exact date of the next round of the Geneva discussions.

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