Kan Taniya held a press conference following the working visit to Italy

Kan Taniya held a press conference following the working visit to Italy
1 December 2017 1089
A press conference of Kan Taniya, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Abkhazia was held at the Abkhazian Foreign Ministry following a working visit to Italy on December 1.

During the press conference, the Deputy Minister spoke in detail on the recent visit to Italy as well as about the results of the work of Abkhaz diplomacy in this direction in recent years. In particular the Deputy Minister told about the opening of the diplomatic representation of Abkhazia in Italy and about a number of other important diplomatic steps.

"We focused our attention on Italy for three years because we gradually managed to make important steps towards the opening of the Association «Europe-Abkhazia», the Institute of Culture and today we have the legal entity of the diplomatic mission," Kan Taniya said.

The Deputy Minister noted that the Diplomatic Representation is not an accredited diplomatic mission but will practically fulfill the functions of inherent to the Embassy.

"There are not so many citizens of Abkhazia living in European countries but nevertheless living there should be protected by Abkhazia" - he stressed. The Deputy Minister also expressed his hope that the Representative Offices of Abkhazia will be opened not only in Italy.

In general, Kan Taniya said that the trip to Italy was very successful and productive.

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