Commentary of the Embassy of Russia in Abkhazia

Commentary of the Embassy of Russia in Abkhazia
11 June 2020 288

The Russian Embassy in Abkhazia fully shares the views of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia ( regarding the interview of J. Gilmore, the US Ambassador to the OSCE.

On behalf of ourselves, we would like to add that we join the wishes of the distinguished Ambassador to “Georgia and the countries of Europe” and hope that, in the spirit of the Helsinki Final Act, the borders of the Republic of Abkhazia will never be forcibly changed and the OSCE participating States will acknowledge what the people of Abkhazia recognize a choice in favor of independence and strategic partnership with Russia. We hope that citizens of the Republic of Abkhazia will be able to freely travel with their national passports and not with the documents that are trying to impose on them. We also sincerely hope that Georgia and the countries of Europe will take advantage of the “free flow of information”, as distinguished Ambassador Gilmore wants, and will look impartially at the last thirty years of the history of Abkhazia.

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